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Tips on buying the right SD card for you

SD Cards

You may think that buying an SD card is not as hard as choosing a camera or a lens. However, it is still ideal for photographers to buy an SD card that will suit your needs. We’ve come up with the following guide to help choose your SD card.

Types of SD card

Before buying an SD card, you may want to check what type will suit your camera. There are three different types including SD/SDHC/SDXC, mini SD and the micro SD. The main difference between them is their sizes. Most compact cameras or DSLR will require an SD card. The next one is the mini SD which is quite rare to find in cameras. With the micro SD card, it is becoming more popular on new cameras such as GoPros and Drone cameras.


All different types or SD card also comes with various speeds. The speed of the card is important as this helps with how fast you can move your images to another device. You can find the rated speed of your SD cards on the front. The highest figure is usually 10, meaning this is the fastest you can get. Therefore the lower the number, the slower it will be to transfer.


It is important to purchase a card from well-known brands as they are less likely to fail when saving videos or images. Currently, the most popular brands are SanDisk, Lexar, Kingston, Toshiba and Transcend.

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Guide to camera settings


All cameras from compact to DSLRs will have different functions from each other. The brand and the model of the camera will vary when it comes to their technical settings. While each camera has different functionalities, we can still find that a lot of the cameras will have the following standard settings.


First of all, when you first purchase any camera, the settings are already on automatic. You will find this setting under the name “AUTO” by the shutter wheel button. An automatic setting means that the camera will instantly make all the decisions when capturing a photo or video. It will help you auto correct the aperture, ISO, shutter speed, flash and the white balance.


You can find the manual setting under the letter “M”. The settings enable you to control every little detail in your shot including the shutter speed, exposure, ISO, etc. Technically it is the opposite of automatic settings as you have full control of everything.


The portrait settings is an icon that represents a person’s head. It’s perfect for shooting people’s images as it autofocus on one or two more people. Most portrait settings will blur out the background scenes and focuses on the subject. Depending on the brand of your camera, some can even enhance your image. Furthermore, it does not only take shots of people but it can also capture any subject such as pets or furniture.

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Shopping for the Best DSLR

A DSLR camera is a type of camera that allows the photographer to change lenses so as to photograph objects or people in a variety and different ways. DSLR cameras are great cameras for all types of photographers, whether shooting sports, landscape, portraits and also to learn the basics of photography. If you’re aiming to buy a DSLR, some aspects should be considerd as follows.


The budget. DSLR cameras come in a variety of prices and styles. For beginners, it is usually best to determine your price range when deciding on which camera to buy.

Tcam2he use for. Do you plan to use the camera for work, everyday family life, travel? Consider what your needs are before determining which camera to buy. You may choose to buy a lower end DSLR to start with and upgrade later, choosing to spend more money on better lenses to start out. You may decide the entry range DSLR is better because it is smaller and lighter and you want to use it mostly to carry around while traveling.

Brands quality. When buying a camera, don’t just consider the price, look for quality as well. There are some brands that have been around for years, and they have been proven to be the best. Nikon and Canon maybe among the top choices, but look farther. Check different makes and models and research them before making your decision. Lenses are only compatible within the same brand, so be sure the brand you choose is the one you want to keep. Otherwise, you will have to start over purchasing new gear down the road.

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